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Welfare Food Challenge 2015 – Half Way There

I’m more than half way through the week and counting down the days until the challenge is over. I have more food left than I thought I would at this stage and I’m definitely not at risk of running out. This is good news because I’ll be able to eat a bit more over the next 3 days. And while I admit it feels good to know that I figured out how to make the $21 dollars work, this in no way proves that $21 is a sufficient amount of money for food each week. Far from it.

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Welfare Food Challenge 2015 – Day 1

Today is the first day of the Welfare Food Challenge.  For the next week, I will only be eating what I could manage to buy with 21 dollars.  I won’t be accepting any freebies, donations, or poaching from my garden or deep-freeze.  21 dollars does not seem like a lot for food.  That’s because it isn’t.  Having said that, I was surprised with what I was able to purchase for 21 dollars.  I went to two different stores, both within walking distance of my house.  I had checked flyers online over the weekend to see what was on special so that I could do my best to maximize my budget.

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Welfare Food Challenge 2015: Could you Survive on 21 Dollars a Week for Food?

21dollarsaweek2“Should I have peanut butter or chicken?” I asked my husband, already knowing my answer.

“I think peanut butter” he said. “It’s more versatile.” Good answer.

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.” I was trying to decide whether or not to spend $4.00 on a few chicken thighs, or $3.00 on a jar of peanut butter. I was having a hard time justifying the extra dollar on chicken, even though I needed some more protein for the week. Peanut butter seemed to make the most sense anyways. I’d be able to have it every day, I like it, and I don’t have to cook it. Straight out of the jar. That will do.

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