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Welfare Food Challenge 2015 – Day 1

Today is the first day of the Welfare Food Challenge.  For the next week, I will only be eating what I could manage to buy with 21 dollars.  I won’t be accepting any freebies, donations, or poaching from my garden or deep-freeze.  21 dollars does not seem like a lot for food.  That’s because it isn’t.  Having said that, I was surprised with what I was able to purchase for 21 dollars.  I went to two different stores, both within walking distance of my house.  I had checked flyers online over the weekend to see what was on special so that I could do my best to maximize my budget.

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Back to Basics: 7 Tips for Eating Better

Normally on Wednesdays I write a post about my CSA box describing the food I received the previous week and what I made with it. It was our 5 year wedding anniversary last weekend, and my husband surprised me with a trip down the coast of Oregon and to Portland. It was a wonderful week and an amazing trip. Since I didn’t have the CSA box last week, I thought I would write about getting back to basics with eating habits.

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How to Write a Weekly Meal Plan

One of the best things you can do to save yourself some time and money in the kitchen is create a weekly meal plan.  If you have never made one before, it can seem like a daunting task.  Besides, who wants to think about what to have for dinner next Thursday if you’re not even sure how the rest of today is going to go?  I started making weekly meal plans last year and found them to be a big help.  I didn’t always stick with them in the beginning and I still have days when ordering take-out instead of cooking makes me the happiest person alive.  Start small.  Work your way up.

last week's meal plan

Here’s what you can do to create your own.

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