Julia Child once said “people who love to eat are always the best people.”  I couldn’t agree more. My favorite people are the ones who I frequently share a meal with.  And we definitely love to eat! But let’s get one thing straight – when I’m talking love, I’m talking about real love.  The kind that is thoughtful, giving, and supportive.  The kind that is as attentive (mind the sugar, Dear) as it is forgiving (yes, I ate that whole carton of ice cream, and that’s okay).  The kind of love that is reflective and asks “how can eating be better?”

The answer is what I am setting out to discover at Mel’s Food Blog.  Food is at the top of a very short list of things that we all need to survive.  Yet, there are many of us who do not get enough.  While others still, have way too much.  How is this possible?  The way we grow, process, and transport our food contributes heavily to the state of our environment.  How do we know which food is the right choice?  The food we eat can benefit our health or it can harm.  What foods are best?  And seriously, what is the deal with gluten?  Food is a source of pleasure and comfort, the focus at many a celebration, and its need gives rise to that incessant, never-ending question.  What’s for dinner?

Let’s figure it out.  Let’s love food together.  Let’s eat better.

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