CSA Box – Week 16 & 17

Well, we have come to the end of our CSA box for the year. I’ve been really happy with the products that we received this season. Some old favorites returned and some new produce was introduced. This year was the first time that I ever cooked with fennel or tried locally grown melon. The various shoots (peas, radish, and sunflower) were also a welcome addition to our meals. I’m going to have to start going to the grocery store a bit more, although I will make an effort to get out to the Vancouver Winter Market on the weekend.

CSA box

Here’s what we received for the last two weeks of our CSA box.

Week 16

Carrots, Broccoli + Pepper: We had the pleasure of enjoying three dinners over the Thanksgiving weekend. On the Monday, my husband and I hosted a small group for a vegetarian meal. I made carrot ginger soup that looked more like tomato because we received purple skinned carrots (they are orange on the inside). Our main course was stuffed acorn squash, served with roasted red pepper and broccoli, both from our CSA box.

Celery: The celery and onion was used as part of the stuffing for the roasted squash. I sautéed it with shallots and herbs, then mixed with wild rice, hazelnuts and dried cranberries before roasting with the squash.

Chard: All the chard made it’s way into my miso, chili and ginger soup. I’ve been making this several times a week for a while now. Don’t worry – the recipe is coming.

Melon: I have never had melon from BC before! I’m not sure of the name, but it was small with bright yellow skin. On the inside it looked like cantaloupe, which is exactly what it tasted like.

Potatoes: I stored these in the pantry for now. I’m thinking soup later.

Shoots: Lovely garnish for our Thanksgiving soup and other meals throughout the week.

Winter Squash: This was a large one that I have saved for a rainy day. Like the potatoes, I think this will become a soup.

Week 17

Beets: I have these saved for now. The beets in my garden are almost ready, so I might make a big batch of borscht.

Carrots: These carrots were smaller than usual, but made for some good snacking throughout the week.

Delicata Squash: I roasted these and then made them into a soup. It went really well with gouda and apple grilled cheese and some great company. Thanks for the pop-in Kirst!

Fennel: I have this saved in the fridge still. I’m going to make the usual with it – braised sausage with fennel and potatoes. I guess last week’s potatoes won’t turn into soup after all.

Potatoes + Leeks: This week’s potatoes, however, will be soup. Classic leek and potato

Melons: Such a nice treat! These were the same as last week and made a lovely evening snack.

Apples: These apples went into Gouda grilled cheese and were served with the soup mentioned above.

Peppers: I’ve just been snacking on these raw. Delish.

Spinach + Kale: Miso soup. Spinach, kale, chard – they all make great additions to this soup. And yes, the recipe is still coming.

Thanks so much for following along! I hope that you learned about some new foods and gained a bit of an appreciation for the seasonality of our local food. Perhaps next year you can sign up for your own CSA box. 

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