CSA Box – Week 12

Well, I have to say that since school has got underway my time spent experimenting in the kitchen has been dramatically reduced. I am, however, grateful for my full freezer. Consequently, there are not as many great ideas for you this week.

CSA box week 12

Beets: I just roasted the beets this week, cut them into cubes and had them for lunch. This is a good way to have some go-to veggies on hand in your fridge.

Cabbage: I made kimchi out of last week’s cabbage, so this week’s is still in the fridge. Thankfully, cabbage lasts a long time. Not sure what I am going to make – either a large batch stir-fry or coleslaw for next week.

Cucumber: There have been a lot of salads for lunch, and the cucumber is coming in handy for this. We received a big one so I was able to have a little bit every day.

Onions: Last night I made a huge batch of jambalaya for dinner and lunches and this onion worked beautifully.

Peppers: These went in salads and a stir-fry.

Plums: I am loving these! They are the small prune plum variety that you are probably seeing around the grocery store and farmers market. They would be really good in a salad with roasted beets, but I keep devouring them on their own before I get the chance!

Pumpkin: There is no denying that Fall is on the way now! I can’t decide if I want to make puree, soup or stew with this pumpkin. Whatever I make, I will share the recipe with you for sure.

Romaine Lettuce: Salad. I totally missed an opportunity for lettuce wraps.

Sunflower Shoots: Salad. I might become a rabbit soon.

Tomatoes: Um, would you hate me if I said salad again?

Salad. Are you ready for some warm comfort foods, or what?

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