Cannon Beach Farmers Market

Last month was our 5th wedding anniversary.  My husband and I take turns each year planning for these events, and it was his turn this year.  We had talked about doing a road trip down the coast of Oregon for sometime, so this year’s anniversary present was a surprise trip to Portland and along the coast.  We had an amazing time.  The weather was perfect and when the fog bank rolled out in the afternoons, the view was spectacular.  We had nothing in particular on the agenda, except for eating and drinking.  Two of my favorite things.

One of my favorite places on the trip was Cannon Beach.  I think we were there for less than an hour when I informed my husband that we would be returning for a longer stay, sometime in the future.  The town is right on the beach, immaculately maintained, and full of quaint shops, great restaurants, and friendly faces.  The icing on the cake…the Farmers Market was open on the day we were there.  Bonus points for the Mister.

cannon beach farmers market_berries

Local berries on display

cannon beach farmers market_vegetables

A rainbow of fresh produce

We left with a good haul from the market.  Gouda from Jacobs Creamery, Greek-style salami from Olympic Provisions, a French baguette, blueberries, sugar peas, and tomatoes.  The best were the peaches though.  We were given the hard sell from two young girls, probably around 8 or 9 years old.  They were smart and had samples ready to go; one white fleshed and the other yellow.  We were told they tasted like “candy” and “real peaches”, respectively.  The girls were right.

cannon beach_peaches

The “candy” and “real peaches” on display

We had a quick walk around the town and to the beach.  If you are an 80’s kid like me, you will probably recognize the rock formation in the picture below.  Although, The Goonies was filmed in a town a bit farther north, a few scenes were shot at Cannon Beach.

cannon beach rock

Probably a different landscape than the one that ‘One-Eyed-Willie’ experienced

cannon beach_cute house

Cute houses with white picket fences. Could you be more quintessential-small-coastal-town, Cannon Beach?

We left Cannon Beach and headed south.  Our market purchases were enjoyed on the tailgate of the truck in another town, the name of which I can’t remember.  It was really windy, so we didn’t stay long.  When we made it past the sand dunes, it was time to stop driving for the night.

tailgate snacks

Tailgate party, market style.

Sand dunes from above

Sand dunes from above

If you get the chance to head down the coast of Oregon, I highly recommend it.  Cannon Beach would be the destination I suggest, but really it’s all lovely.

What’s your next road trip destination?


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