CSA Box – Week 11

The CSA box is back!  I was really happy to pick up our vegetables after our trip to Oregon.  As I mentioned last week, it’s time to get back to basics with eating habits around here and having fresh produce on hand is a big help.

CSA box_week 11

Here’s what I made with last week’s CSA box:

Basil:  You get three guesses to figure out what I made with this, and the first two don’t count.  Yep – pesto.  Except this week we enjoyed it fresh.  I used most of it in a pasta dinner and the rest as the sauce on homemade pizza.

Dandelion Greens:  I chopped these up and added them to morning smoothies.  This is a good strategy for sneaking in some extra vegetables in your day.

Beans: All the beans were chopped up and used in a huge stir-fry.  I love making stir-fry for a quick weeknight meal.  Typically I make a double batch so that I have leftovers for lunch the next day.

Tomatoes:  We received a nice variety of tomatoes last week – some cherry, some heirloom, and a couple Roma.  All the tomatoes made their way into salads or wraps this week.  I don’t think that we will see any more basil this year and now I am regretting not making a salad with the tomatoes, fresh basil and some bocconcini.  Oh well, there’s always next summer.

Carrots:  The carrots are getting bigger!  I used a couple in the stir-fry and still have the rest stored in my crisper.  I remove the tops right away so they last a long time. I have a soup recipe that I am working on for this fall and I’ll need all the carrots I can get!

Cucumber + Peppers: Chopped up for salad and sliced for snacking.  Some of the pepper was used in the stir-fry as well.

Squash:  A different variety again this week.  I used a zucchini in the stir-fry and the rest we grilled on the barbecue tonight with some fresh caught salmon.  I don’t think we will be having any more dinners outside this year, but we can definitely get some more use out of the grill.

Pea Shoots:  These were great in the stir-fry.  I have a bit left that I will add to my salad for tomorrow’s lunch.

Parsley: I made pesto and froze it.  I know that parsley isn’t typically used for pesto, but you know me – it’s a staple.  For a guide to making your own pesto, click here.

Lettuce:  Two heads of frisee – one green and one red.  Salads, of course.

Are you still cooking or eating outdoors, or have you moved inside for the fall?


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