CSA Box – Week 9

This week was our most colourful bounty yet!  This is because we have finally reached tomato season, which I am pumped for.  My own tomatoes were an epic fail this year and I was too stubborn to purchase seedlings when they died.  I regret that decision.  Big time.

CSA box_week 9

This week’s breakdown:

Cabbage: I’m on a bit of a kimchi kick right now.  I’ve been making batches all month with green beans and now I’ve moved on to the more traditional cabbage.  I have a batch on the go right now.  I think it will go really well with some fried rice when the time comes.

Kale/Dandelion Greens:  This was a nice mix; two kinds of kale and some large, but tender dandelion greens.  I made a salad with the kale and opted to add the dandelion greens to a few breakfast smoothies.

Basil: I have used most of the basil not for pesto, but in salads.  It adds such a nice kick.  The bunch was large so I did manage a small batch of pesto after all.

Tomatoes:  Lovely, little Roma (I think) tomatoes.  These were used in two salads; one with the kale and cucumbers, the other with sunflower shoots, our own lettuce and more of this week’s cucumbers.

Beets:  I steamed and sliced the beets and served them on a platter with black plums, basil, ricotta cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil and white wine vinaigrette.  A great summer salad based on a recipe I saw in a Martha Stewart magazine.  It was, indeed, a good thing.

Beans: These beans were saved from the kimchi jar and instead went into a potato salad.  Just beans, potatoes, Dijon, olive oil and seasoning.

Squash:  We received a few different varieties this week.  I grilled most of them on the barbecue and there is one still in the fridge for next week.

Peppers: Just like the squash, these made their way into the grill basket on the barbecue.

Sunflower Shoots:  These added some nice texture to a salad with some of this week’s tomatoes and cucumbers and lettuce from our garden.

Cucumber: These met the same fate as all the others the weeks before – sliced and diced, and into our salads.

Did you have any luck with growing your own tomatoes this year?  How are they looking?  What do you like to make with them?


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