CSA Box – Week 8

I can’t believe that August is more than halfway over! We noticed that it’s starting to get dark out much earlier and the nights are a bit cooler. It kind of crept up on us this year, at least it seems that way.  Fall is just around the corner…

happy to get peaches this week!

happy to get peaches this week!

Here’s the breakdown from this week’s share:

Beans: I’m still working on perfecting my kimchi recipe. The beans from this week are being experimented on just like last week’s batch. I promise the recipe will be up soon!

Carrots: A few for snacking, but most of them went into a batch of soup for the freezer.

Cauliflower: I made soup out of this week’s cauliflower. I had wanted to do that earlier this season, but ended up roasting it instead.  I’m glad that I was given another chance to make the soup. I used the last of the onion from a few weeks ago, some garlic from my garden, this week’s carrots and a couple of potatoes too.  The soup is tucked away in the freezer so we will have it for winter.

Cucumbers: I still have last week’s cucumbers. I think they will end up in a salad as usual.

Kale and Red Lettuce: Another weekend away, so the greens went to the neighbours.

Parsley: I made a batch of Chimichurri sauce with this bunch. It goes so well with grilled meats and fish. Last night we had it with halibut and I’ll be serving the rest tomorrow night with grilled moose and dear steaks.

Peaches: It was such a treat to get peaches this week! I just finished freezing and canning the ones that I got from the Okanagan when these arrived. I have enjoyed these ones just as they are.

Peppers: Grilled on the barbecue, along with this week’s squash.

Potatoes: The same way I always do them – boiled, olive oil, salt and pepper, and rosemary. I made a batch last night and finished them off on the barbecue so they were nice and crispy on the outside. The leftovers are good cold too – I had some for lunch!

Shoots: Made a salad with this week’s shoots. Added some steamed beets, beans, and lettuce from my garden.

Summer Squash: These went on the grill with the peppers. I either put them on a skewer and make kebabs or cook them in a grill basket. Oil, seasoning, and some dried herbs are all they need.

It will be fall in a couple of weeks – what are you doing to get ready?

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