CSA Box – Week 6

For the BC Day long weekend we enjoyed some time away in Sechelt, on the Sunshine Coast. I rented a cabin for us back in May – previous years we hadn’t thought about going up there until it was too late and everything was booked up. We still had some vegetables left over from the last week, so there wasn’t much shopping that we needed to do for this trip. Just a quick visit to the Sechelt Farmer’s Market on Saturday for some highly recommended croissants and other baked goods.  We picked up some salmon, spot prawns and fresh garlic too.

CSA box_week 6

Cabbage: Tonight I will be making cabbage rolls. The cabbage is pretty big so I figure that I’ll be able to make lots and freeze some for later. For me, school is just a few weeks away, so I’m going into prep mode for the rest of the summer. I like a fully stocked freezer come September – it makes eating well with a busy schedule a lot easier!

Carrots: We received a small batch, but they were big in flavour. I grated some for a salad and chopped up the rest for a stir fry. The carrots in our garden are only a week or so from being ready. These got me thinking about what to do with ours. I’m thinking soup. I’ll keep you posted.

Cucumbers: Two small cucumbers again this week. They were perfect for salads, although the skins were a tad bitter. I rarely peel cucumbers, but I think some varieties are better without the skins. Live and learn.

Dandelion Greens: The day I picked up our CSA box was so hot that I didn’t feel like cooking at all. The hubby was out for the night so I made myself a smoothie for dinner. Dandelion greens, cherries, and almond milk. It was just what I needed.

Kohlrabi: This is a vegetable that is relatively new to me. I only learned about it last year when we got it in our CSA box. Kohlrabi is very crisp and mild tasting. It reminds me of a cross between an apple and a radish, if that makes sense. It’s lovely grated on salads (which is what I did with it) or in a stir fry.

Green Peppers: Salad, snack plate, and stir fry. They were crisp and refreshing.

Onions: Three large onions this week. One is going in the cabbage rolls tonight, and the rest are in the pantry and will get used up in the weeks to come.

Salad Mix: These greens made up the base of most of this week’s salads. I’m finding that they last quite a long time, especially when compared to the pre-washed, store bought kind. Leftover salads are good thrown into a wrap for lunch too.

Mustard Greens: Zesty! These guys pack a punch. We got some spot prawns from the farmers market and I still had some peaches from my girls weekend in Penticton. I grilled the peaches and prawns, massaged the mustard greens with some olive oil, and added some goat cheese from Salt Spring Island for a dynamite salad.

Pea Shoots: This batch went into a stir fry with some of the carrot and green pepper, along with the bok choy and scallions I had left over from last week.

We enjoyed some great foods from BC this week, including sea food and wine (of course) – what local foods did you enjoy this past long weekend?

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