CSA Box – Week 5

We are overflowing with veggies! This is telling me a few things. First, we are definitely getting our money’s worth from the CSA box. Second, my wee little garden is doing better than last year. More importantly though, we are not sharing enough of our bounty! Of course, it didn’t help that I was away this weekend to manage inventory. Even though my husband had a crew of hungry men over for some serious bro-time, they still managed to squeeze in some grocery shopping (what?). No matter – these are good problems to have.

I think it’s time to host a barbecue soon. Lots left over from Week 5:

CSA box_week 5

Scallions: I stir fried a few of these with the bok choy. The bunch was quite big and I still have some going into our sixth week . The long weekend is coming up and we are off to Sechelt. All the leftovers from this week will be coming with, scallions included.

Summer squash: Two little cuties that are still waiting for some love. I’ll bring these guys up to Sechelt and grill them up one night.

Garlic: We received two bulbs, a baby and a beast. The baby one made its way into a few dishes this week; some with the stir-fried bok choy and some with meat marinades. I’m saving the big one for a rainy day, if it ever comes (not that I am complaining). I think it will be good roasted and served with some other yummy snacks.

Beets: The tops promptly went into a batch of pesto and then the freezer. The beets are still waiting for some love. The good thing about beets is they last for weeks in the crisper if you store them properly. Remove the tops right away and don’t wash them until just before use.

Salad Mix: One of the few items to get gobbled up right away. Made a big salad for the boys and used some in wraps I made for their lunches. Couldn’t leave town without making sure they were going to eat well at least once!

Bok Choy: Happy to get two full sized bunches in this week’s box. As I mentioned, I stir-fried the bok choy with garlic and scallions, as well as some red pepper flakes and soy sauce. They were an awesome side for grilled salmon steaks.

Cilantro: Made a quinoa salad and chopped up all the cilantro to add to it. Initially I was going to make a big batch of guacamole, but I didn’t want to go to the store just to get avocados, especially with so much food already on hand.

Blueberries: I don’t remember getting any fruit last year, so these were a nice treat. They were large berries too. Most of them I snacked on here and there, the rest went into a breakfast smoothie.

Cucumber: Two cute little guys that went into the quinoa salad. This was a huge salad that was supposed to get eaten by the wolf pack while I was away. I just finished it today.

New Potatoes: Same as last week: boiled, quartered, olive oil drizzle and rosemary sprinkle. I still have some in the pantry to bring with us this weekend.

Garden Peas: Shared these with some lovely ladies on the drive to Penticton. They went well with the beans from my garden and a side of gossip.

What do you do to make sure your produce lasts?

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