How to Train Your Strawberries

It’s mid July, and my strawberry patch is doing 2 things: running and flowering (again). This is the second year of strawberries in our garden. Last year I only let a few plants produce fruit so as to encourage more growth and production this year. I had a small batch of strawberries in early June. They all ended up in a crisp with some rhubarb.

The runners are getting a little unruly so I am training a few into new pots for container strawberries and gifts as well as starting a new row in the patch.   I will cut off the rest of the runners to stop the patch from getting too out of control.

daughter strawberry plants
daughter strawberry plants

How to Train Your Strawberries into New Plants

  1. Fill a pot with compost and place under runner.
  2. Stake the runner with staple or cover with dirt. If you are just training your strawberry plants in the existing patch, simply steak the runner in the desired position.
  3. Once roots established, cut the runner and voila – new plant!  I’ll bring mine inside before the frost comes and store in our garage so they don’t freeze.  If you are not transplanting, don’t cut the runners.

I hope my experiment works! I’d love to have more strawberries next year.

How do you keep your strawberry patch in check? Have you successfully transplanted strawberries before?

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  1. Ila says:

    Great job Mel! Just had to poke in to mention a spelling thing: *Stake*
    Keep up the good work!

    1. On it – thanks for catching that!

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