CSA Box – Week 3

It’s getting hot in Vancouver! It’s only the middle of July and we are already having a heat wave (yes, we get those in Canada). Last week I kept indoor cooking to a minimum and appreciated items that were easily eaten raw.

CSA box_week 3

Week 3 went like this:

Parsley: It’s hot out, which means the grill is on outside and the oven is off. Chimichurri sauce, an Argentinian dish that is traditionally served with grilled meats, was the way to go. I made a big batch and used it throughout the week, mostly with grilled chicken, but some was used to finish off a turnip and chard hash for Sunday brunch. The hope was that adding this sauce to our meal would somehow, magically assist Argentina in winning the World Cup. No such luck.

Turnips: As mentioned, I used the turnips in a breakfast hash that also included this week’s chard, some of my garden potatoes, and of course, bacon. The flavour of the turnips was subtle, so this would be a good dish to serve to those who may not enjoy the taste of turnips on their own.

Radish: Thinly sliced and added to salads. I had to make the cucumber and radish salad again – it’s so refreshing in this heat! I hope we get more next week. Oh yeah, and the tops were made into a batch of pesto of course!

Chard: I used half in Sunday’s brunch and half in a soup with some of this week’s spinach and scallions.

Spinach: This week we got a lot of spinach. Coupled with the lettuce received this week and the greens from my garden, there is almost too much to handle. I resisted the urge to make pesto, so most of it went into breakfast smoothies. The A small amount was used for soup.

Lettuce: A big head. Nice and crispy. You guessed it – salads. My favorite salad is with tomato, cucumber, avocado, and feta cheese. Sprinkle with salt, drizzle olive oil and toss. Takes me back to Crete every time.

Fennel: Week one of this season’s CSA share was the first time I had cooked with fennel and it worked out well. This week we received just the bulb and some stalk. I decided to take a crack at some soup. I added a bit of potato and tart apple. It turned out nicely, but I think the recipe could use a few tweaks before sharing. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Scallions: Most of the scallions were used in a soup with the chard and spinach. I kept a few to slice up for garnish or add to other dishes.

Peas: We shared the peas with our good friends and neighbours who sadly moved away this week. This made the peas very, very special. We ate them raw, straight from the pods.

Microgreens: I had these for lunch one day with diced cucumber, black beans, feta, and a drizzle of olive oil in a salad. This is good combination for your own garden thinnings too.

This week the World Cup inspired a few dishes of mine. Do sporting events ever influence your meal choices?

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