Vancouver Has a Plan

Vancouver Food StrategyDid you know that the City of Vancouver has an official food strategy? If you didn’t it’s worth a look. The strategy was developed in collaboration with the Vancouver Food Policy Council to help develop a food system in Vancouver that is unbiased and sustainable. Although there is a lot of engagement from local citizens in the Vancouver food system there are improvements to be made and challenges ahead. The food strategy lays out a road map with which the city can use to guide policy, in a coordinated manner, in all areas of the food system. Currently, there are five areas of priority for the Vancouver Food Strategy: food production, empowerment of residents, food access, processing and distribution, and food waste.

Here are some of the key goals of the strategy:

  • Support and enable urban agriculture such as community gardens and urban farms
  • Make it easier for individuals to get involved with neighbourhood food networks and community programs
  • Improve access to local, affordable, and healthy foods
  • Increase local infrastructure that supports processing, storage, and distribution
  • Expand food waste disposal programs to reduce the amount of food waste that goes to landfill

If you are interested in food policy, Vancouver’s food strategy initiatives, or simply learning more our food system, I encourage you to check it out. You can find the Vancouver Food Strategy at the City of Vancouver website.

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  1. Mark Reavy says:

    This is great that you’re providing education to the public about access to affordable food, and you highlight that affordable food is healthy foods.

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